Review: The Young Elites (Novel) by Marie Lu

The Young ElitesThe Young Elites by Marie Lu
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(NOTE: This review is based on the ARC of the novel)

I figured since I’ve read Marie Lu’s Legend series, I could handle what was in store for me with her newest series, The Young Elites.

It goes to show how much I know!

Marie introduces us to a fantasy world that is dealing with the aftermath of a mass plague, in which a portion of the young people develop unique powers, varying from person to person. Not everyone has them, though, and of course, this causes fear and conflict within the country.

It’s not a wholly unique premise, as that pretty much describes the turmoil the mutants have to go through in X-Men, but the characters that Marie has created draw you into this world.

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Review: Opposition (novel) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me state first off, the majority of this book can be labeled as smexy romance. It’s not quite New Adult, but it’s definitely getting near the border between YA and NA, and good reason as there’s a hot teenage boy who can’t stop thinking about what normal teenage boys can’t stop thinking about. In this case, though, he does more than think about it. So yeah, let’s just put that out there, because really, Daemon is a bad boy in that sexy way.

Now, even though the majority of the book is a romance, yes, there’s still the sci-fi element of it, too. There’s definitely a lot of action and drama and turmoil. Many fights to be had between Luxen and humans, and Luxen and Luxen, and Luxen and Arum, so it’s all good tension. And what we thought we knew about Luxen, we didn’t know enough.

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My Weekend at Comic-Con 2014

This being my 18th year attending Comic-Con (although I mistakenly said 17 to everyone I mentioned it to at the Con), you’d like one would get tired of it.  But that’s the glory of Comic-Con, it doesn’t get old.  There’s always, and I mean always, something different, something new, to experience.  Granted, an event of this magnitude brings out some of the unflattering traits of humanity despite every effort on the part of those involved in organizing the event to make it a highly positive experience for all.

For me and my friends, I believe we’re on the positive side of things.  I understand that I cannot possibly achieve meeting the actors that I want to meet and attend the panels that I want to attend and get the autographs of authors that I admire (even though I most certainly try), but what I can get, I am grateful for.

I will try to help convey the pleasantries of this often overwhelming weekend, not to make anyone jealous of my fortune, but to make people aware of one of the many experiences that one can have at San Diego Comic-Con, as well as give anyone who’s planning to attend bits and pieces of what to expect.

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Steven Spielberg, Stop Killing Our Extinct Dinosaurs!

I used to admire Steven Spielberg for his awesome films.  That is, until I saw this!


How could he proudly sit there in front of the dead beautiful creature of God?!  And apparently, this isn’t his first hunt!

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The Flash, Arrow, Gotham News moved to

Okay, I’ve decided to move any news regarding these shows to  Hope you’re willing to read the info there!

Karl Yune To Join ARROW Cast as Maseo Yamashiro

Just recently, I posted about Devon Aoki being cast in a recurring role in the upcoming season of Arrow.  Well, her character has a husband named Maseo Yamashiro, and he will be played by Karl Yune.

Like Devon, Karl has been kind of out of the limelight the past few years, but this new role could revive his career. (I’m hoping!)

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Devon Aoki In Recurring Role in ARROW

As expected, we’ll have some characters introduced into Season 3 of Arrow, one of them being Katana, who will be played by Devon Aoki.  Devon hasn’t appeared in any movies or TV shows in a few years, but is most recognized for her roles in Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Continue reading

GOTHAM Character Posters Several Feature Recognizable Names

After the success of The CW’s Arrow, it’s no surprise that the Fox/WB duo is hitting the small screen again with another superhero-related drama based on Batman’s dark city, Gotham.  But in this version, it’s more the story of Detective James Gordon, who years later, becomes Commissioner Gordan to Bruce Wayne’s Batman.  For now, it’s just Bruce Wayne, and several other tainted individuals whose “ordinary” names you may recognize.

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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Art Exhibit to Kick Off San Diego Comic-Con at Chuck Jones Gallery

How to Train Your Dragon 2 delivered, and delivered well enough for me to see it twice, and enjoy it equally both times.  And I’m so excited to get a chance to see some of the artwork of Hiccup, Toothless (especially Toothless), and many of the other characters and dragons that were in the movie, at the Chuck Jones Gallery during Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Review: WAIT FOR YOU by J.Lynn

wait-for-you-bn-coverWait for You by J. Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, after having written a nice, long review for another book and Goodreads not saving it (and I can’t get it back now), I’m going to make this short.

I really enjoyed this book. The romance was fine, but I loved that the author tackled such a sensitive subject in this story. And I really appreciate how the main character, Avery Morgansten, felt very real to me. I only wish there were more men like Cameron Hamilton. I don’t know, maybe there are men like Cameron – not the arrogant, player Cam, but the sensitive, trusting, baker Cam – but I just haven’t found them.

Still it was nice to see how this relationship went throughout the book, how Avery was finally able to open up to Cam about herself and how he was able to be there for her and love her through it all.

Yes, there was all kinds of smexiness in there, too, I’m not gonna lie. But this book is more than that, and I hope if you read it, you appreciate the delicate subject matter that’s revealed in it.


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